Sugar Beet Vodka

Award winning. Our distiller won Gold at the World Vodka Awards 2021.


Our vodka is smooth, silky and gentle in the mouth with a wonderfully creamy finish accompanied with delicate notes of flavour and aroma.


We have two products, our signature Cherry Bounce vodka at 38% abv and our Original vodka at 40% abv. Both available in 5cl, 25cl and 70cl

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Our sugar beet Cherry Bounce is a world first, and an exlcusive product, staying true to Amos Owens illustrious history. Crafted using real Cherries this exciting flavour is here to shake things up, literally, when used in designer cocktails like a sourz or cherry negroni. At 38% abv it can certainly get the partty started.

Founders tip: serve with ginger ale


One of a kind.

Our small batch Original Vodka uses Sugar Beet, rather than potatoes or grain, for its base. The resultant spirit has a subtle caramel flavour, silky smooth texture with a cream soda finish.


A wonderfully smooth vodka with a slightly sweet finish.


Founders tip: serve with tonic and a slice of lime

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