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Located on Cherry Mountain, NC. and with 50 years of ‘stillin experience, Amos drew people from all over Rutherford County to taste his moonshine throughout the 1800’s.


Buying a mountain nothing would grow on, locals looked on in amusement. Within a few years you couldn't move for cherry trees, within a few more the copper stills on his newly built farm were busily ‘stillin batch after batch of his signature Cherry Bounce moonshine.

Known for his famous parties a small contribution was paid on the gate to enter this festival for the people, all you could drink, all you could eat and live music to dance until day break. Even the local law enforcement were known to have attended. 

Despite this sense of community brought about by the Owens’ farm, his brushes with the law were not infrequent. Legend has it that on more than one occasion Amos was called before a judge ('jedge' in his thick Irish accent) to explain his crimes.

Ordered to cease ‘stillin, his friends would be outside the court selling his Cherry Bounce from potato crates (a theme we still use today) in order to pay his impending fine. Remember the legacy, with every glass (or bottle) of Amos!

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