Every bottle of Amos Owens begins life as Sugar beet.

This produces a super smooth, silky vodka with a gentle after taste. Not the sort of experience most have with regular (off the shelf) vodkas made using grain or potatoes.


Our original vodka has a slight caramel and cream soda finish. Whilst our world first (as far as we are aware) Cherry Bounce has delicate notes of flavour and aroma.

Amos Owens
The Father of Cherry Bounce Moonshine

Buying a mountain and turning it into an illegal spirit factory sounds a bit far fetched today. 170 years ago thats exactly what Amos did purchasing a barren hillside high up in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina, USA.

Hidden away from prying eyes Amos used the only crop he could grow to distill a potent spirit. Often caught red handed Amos became first a local then a national sensation appearing in courtrooms regularly to hear a judges verdict. All the while his fellow moonshiners would be outside the court house selling his 'goods' from potato crates to cover the fines.


Original 70cl.JPG


Cherry bounce

Cherry 70cl.JPG



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I totally fell in love with Amos Cherry. Such a unique but subtle taste which really makes a difference to a range of drinks. Would really reccomend it!

Isa, 25, Manchester
Founder @ isabellita_bakes


I have never tasted anything like this before! A vodka you can actually drink neat! If you have'nt already you simply must give it a try!

Jane, 47, London
Gin lover


This could be a game changer!
Rarely does a drink come along and re-define a sector. This could just be the one to do it.

James, 32, London